Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Penguins Fans...Bandwagoners!?!?!?

Once upon a time (during the NHL Lockout), I remember a young Pittsburgh lad came to me and said that his Penguins would one day fill their arena full of fans… I of course pushed him over and said “That’s impossible,” after which I stole his ice cream. I also said that the Penguins should have moved to Kansas City and skated on a delicious vat of frozen bbq sauce. Never bringing hockey to Pittsburgh again…

Earlier this year, I remember a certain hockey team with a player that likes to “entertain.” Don Cherry hates this particular player, and the Pittsburgh fans would cry “bandwagoners!” when their arena would fill to capacity. The Pens fans screamed ““We are true fans, through and through, we don’t miss a beat!” in their brand new 24-hour overnighted jerseys.

I often look back and wonder if that little boy ever came to his senses…The fans that cried bandwagon have their own story of how they bandwagoned into the spotlight… let’s go to the stats (honest to goodness journalistic reporting on this one).

*Just a few notes: Mellon Arena is not the biggest arena in the NHL... that will be why I did not post their overall rank in attendance (so all the haters can not say that). Also there are mixed reports of the actual capacity of Mellon Arena.

Attendance (Mellon Arena)

2001- 16,277 (avg) Record 42-28-9
2002 -15,649 (average), Record 28-41-5
2003- 14,750 (average) Record 27-44-6
2004- 11,877 (average), (DEAD LAST IN NHL) Record 23-47-8
2006- 15,804 (avg) Record 22-46, this might have something to do with a #1 pick…
2007- 16,424 (avg), 47-24-0-11
2008- 17,076 (avg), Record 47-27-0-8
2009- 16,975 (avg) Record, 45-28

So in conclusion... when the team sucks, attendance goes down. So far down, however, that they had the worst attendance in the league!!! Then here comes a #1 pick, and attendance increases. There was a slight decrease in my findings for this past season (is the slow start is to blame!?). The response of the fans that cried bandwagon will be unruly... My response... Pittsburgh sucks.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enemies List...

Even though we are only a few hours old, I feel that our popularity has skyrocketed (or completely plummetted depending on your take w/ comments). However, I did want to introduce WIHP's enemy, list. These faces have associated themselves within the "Tri Rivers of Evil" and now must forever be the subject to our loyalty of hate. Now this will change periodically (and by change, we mean updating). Just a disclaimer, you might be a terrific person, but if you are a resident, bandwagoner, or an association of the "Tri Rivers of Evil," this is about you.


Breaking News

It's as if ol' Big Ben Roethlisberger himself knew we started this little friend called WIHP. In a way of showing his appreciation for us, he gave this nice gem to help get us started. Ben all of us here at WIHP just want to say thank you, your freakishly-large head and the odd spelling of your name have all been building for this... one...defining... moment. We don't make the news at WIHP, we report it, very biasedly. With a direct correlation always swaying to the people of...anywhere but Pittsburgh.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks to all the attention we have received in our short life of hate, I wanted to tease a little bit about what we will have in store for tomorrow.


In lieu of flowers, please send your complaints to the comment section.


*Disclaimer... by enemies we mean "never friends of this website." WIHP has no desire to hurt or harm any player or human that shall be posted on this website... just their dignity (which might already be gone).

It Has Begun

To future followers and potential lovers:

Today on this 40th anniversary of the moon walking, we have rejuvenated the American spirit and decided that there is one city that simply cannot go on. Their overly proud fans have planted the seed for this website, and although we loathe you, we thank you in such a way that words cannot describe. Because today ladies and gentlemen we give you.... Why I hate Pittsburgh. Tell your stories, embrace other cities, but remember this one thing.... Pittsburgh sucks. Also Sidney Crosby is not the best two way center... maybe the best two way lover?